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successful organizations are harnessing the power of data to drive profits up. Are you behind schedule? ExaWise can mobilize a team of seasoned data scientists and engineers to start turning your big data into increased revenue today.  



Our Services

Strategic innovation

As data proliferates, organizations struggle with determining how data insights can generate business value. Our team of industry veterans can define your corporate data strategy in predictive analytics and give you that competitive edge to become a leading data driven organization.

infrastructure and platform design

Choosing the right big data platform tools and framework is no easy feat. We can build the components of your scalable platform, on-premises or in the cloud, to efficiently handle the velocity and volume of your real-time streaming, batch, or IoT data.

Software development

Experienced ExaWise developers can architect software solutions to build all aspects of your analytics platform, including scripts for data ingest, ETL, data cleaning, and data visualization using tools such as Tableau, QA automation, GUI development, or mobile application development.

data governance

Robust data science models are built upon a strong data governance foundation. ExaWise can help you build and monitor your ingest and ETL pipelines to ensure data quality, availability, integrity, and usability, throughout the lifecycle which includes data collection, management, and archival.

Machine learning and AI

Successful data scientists with proven expertise are in strong demand. Finding them is challenging and time consuming. ExaWise data scientists can work either onsite or offshore to perform statistical analysis, build machine learning models, and complex AI engines.

consulting services

Beyond big data management, our experienced technology advisers can work with you to provide guidance on business strategy, innovation, operating model, security, platform and infrastructure management, and managed IT operations.


Our recruitment services include screening, processing, payroll, and on-boarding services for your temporary, permanent, or full-time employee needs in all areas of big data technologies, data analytics, full stack software development, and QA automation. We work in partnership with your management team, hiring manager, or HR department to determine what you require to increase your capacity while maximizing your hiring budget. Our flexible pricing options are based on what type of staffing service you require.

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What sets us apart

We are a globally distributed team of PhD researchers and software engineers that love what we do, giving us the passion to deliver quality services. We know how to do it better, we know how to do it right.

At Exawise, we consider our customer’s success as an indication of our success. Our laser sharp focus, commitment and investment towards customer centricity ensures that every employee is focused on the needs of our customer and the values we can bring to them.



We foster a culture of transparency that enables our customers and employees to provide direct and honest feedback directly to our senior leadership. This empowers our team to work smarter together towards a shared goal with our customers.

Our technical team comprises of some of the smartest minds in the industry including industry veterans with decades of experience, and computer and data scientists with PhDs who have several years of experience in

Our strict adherence to best coding practices ensure that we always deliver quality services to you. We also also follow the agile pair programming technique at no extra cost to you, so there is always an additional pair of eyes reviewing your code.

Our offices across the globe means that we are available to work for you round the clock. You can reach our team, including the executive leadership no matter what time zone you are in.

Our pricing models vary based on the type and duration of the engagement, and are flexible to suit your needs first. We are so confident in our offerings that we even offer a trial period. Contact us to know more details.

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